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Vidéos et applications

Vidéos Animatics

Class 5 SmartMotor Motion Control System Intro from Animatics

Moog Animatics 14 SmartMotor & Actuator Motion Control Demo with Combitronic

2 Axis Coordinated Motion with SmartMotor and Combitronic and CAN

Custom HMI with SmartMotor Integrated Servo Motor over RS232

Electronic Gearing with SmartMotor off of a Virtual Master with Phase Advance

Interactive Profile Scanning using SmartMotor and Laser Sensor

Traverse and Takeup Winding with SmartMotor Electronic Gearing

CNC Surfboard Machine : SmartMotor & HLD60

Flexible Tooling for Aircraft Skin Processing

Mini-Mill Cutting Puzzle Pieces

SMNC Software for CNC Applications

"Chronos and Kairos" at San Jose Airport

Tabletop Robot Live Position Tracking

Tabletop Robot Linear Interpolation

Torch Height Control

CNC Plasma Cutter

CNC Plasma Cutter 2

Glue Dispensing

Class 5 Phase Adjust Mode

SmartMotor feat Combitronic 6 Axis Actuator Demo

SmartMotor Homing Routine on L70 Actuator