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Vidéos et applications

Applications LS Mécapion

Robot de dosage

Applications de dosage et de remplissage automatisées

Grease gun will input fixed volume or quantity with required speed to certain place by conveyer. At this point in time, utilization rate of these technical machine usingmanyaxes havehasbeenincreasing. This line of robots and linear motion units are designed with simplicity to be automated. Also it can be used for easily integrated into automated robotic applications. This advanced robot system that specializes in dispensing is used in a large semiconductor company.

Robots palettiseur

Solutions industrielles automatisées pour les systèmes de palettisation

Place certain items into pallet with several spaces as programming order. This type of system is used to automate the pallet building process in a distribution, warehouse, and Manufacturing facility. And this equipment offers tailored solutions for palletizing systems in the glass industry and beverage industry by using robot palletizer technology and different gripping facility, high performance can be fulfilled in small room.

Robot "Pick and Place"

SSystème d'emballage et d'assemblage automatisé

Move several parts to assembly line. Then, pick and place. Thesepickandplaceequipment commonly pickupcomponents and place them into the fixture for the assembly process. This system is designed for production step including supply and alignment system and has significant flexibility to move parts. And it makes automated assembly system’s the efficiency maximize by using continuous operation in Warehouses, distribution centers and factories to reduce labor costs and increasing production handling capacity.